Ready for (further) International Business Development
2-days client customized program for further international growth
In a 2-day in-company program, Rob van Nes takes you by the hand to further develop your knowledge and skills required to be successful in your international business development.

On the first day, you and your team will receive the theoretical basis in a for your team customized Masterclass International Business Development, covering the following topics:
-  Ways to grow
-  Value Propositions and sustainable competitive advantages in international context
-  Models for product/market selection
-  International market research
-  Distribution strategies
-  Site investigation
-  Market segmentation
-  Introduction strategies
-  Integration strategies
-  Generic competitive strategies
-  Greenfield, merge, acquisition or strategic alliance

On the second day, the learnings of day 1 will be used in a joint effort to sharpen your value proposition and sustainable competitive advantages and to design a growth plan for the markets of your choice, which could also mean further penetration in your home market.

At the end of the day you will find that some homework needs to be done, but no doubt the value proposition of your company or brand is sharpened, the strategic direction clear and the outline of the business or market entry plan ready for the next steps.
After the additional work, e.g. market research and option selection, has been completed, Rob provide you with detailed feedback on the plan.
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Applications can be cancelled by email up to 21 days before the start of the program at a cost of 25% of the participation fee. Until 14 days prior to the event the costs will be 50%. Cancellations in the final week will be charged for 100%. The cancellation is valid if it is confirmed by the organization. Participants unable to attend can be replaced. In case of 'no show' the payment terms remain unchanged. The participation fee must be paid before the start of the program. The organization has the right to deny access to participants for whom no payment is received.
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