Niek Jansen van Rosendaal MSc MBA
Founding Partner
Niek Jansen van Rosendaal MSc MBA
Niek Jansen van Rosendaal has a very broad experience in redefining company strategies and implementing new strategies. He has been involved in these processes being a CEO, as well as being CFO as well as in the role of external consultant. This way he has been responsable for turning loss making companies into profitable companies (Turnaround) and has been responsable for numerous changes in company strategy.

Niek also has a 3 years experience in teaching economics and finance. He is very well able to explain issues, bringing complicated matters back to their essentials.
He worked in all sort of companies, from multinationals like Heineken and Wavin, to small-sized start-ups and family enterprises, the business of these companies varying from consumer goods to furniture, from auditing to corporate finance, from security to leisure. He was (is) in the board of companies experiencing exceptional growth as well as in companies which needed being saved from bankruptcy. Niek has a vast international experience. He lived and worked in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway and Greece.
It is Niek’s philosophy that every management team which is willing to critically observe its own functioning, is capable to realise a vast improvement in profitability or even a turn-around (if needed). An open mind and not sticking too much to current practice are essential. Niek is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Spanish and speaks very well French and Italian.
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