Executive board

Prof.Dr. Dewanand Mahadew RM MIMGT CIBDE
Founding partner

Dewanand Mahadew is a versatile and multi-skilled professional with a broad background. He has master degrees in process engineering, industrial management and business management and a DBA degree in strategic management.
He is a business developer and visionair on strategy development with high quality skills in building project proposals, designing value propositions, constructing strategic alliances, capacity development, management of sales processes, convincing stakeholders, working out financial scenarios, risks scenarios etc.
He is a global executive, versatile networker and has business experience on six continents and more than 40 countries across industries. He has worked for 20 years in technology development, project development and international contracting engineering. He is the inventor of five patents in the area of chemical engineering.
For more than seven years he was the Dean of a business school where he successfully introduced the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation in education. His philosophy is to educate graduates who are able to create jobs rather than looking for jobs. His entrepreneurship model has been adapted by others in education and business.
Mahadew has a multi-cultural background, strong presentation and persuasiveness skills and is a speaker on different international podia. He is a visiting professor at different universities around the world.

Rob van Nes MBA CIBDE
Founding Partner

Rob van Nes is an internationally oriented strategist, specialised in value proposition (re)design, market entry strategies and route-to-market-strategies.

He has experience in many industries like energy, food, food processing, transport, office furniture, wines & spirits, home deco, flooring, beds and many others. He was a Marketing Director for a market leader British multinational and Managing Director of a global operating Dutch product developing company. Rob is involved in developing market entries for various business operations, advises Dutch and foreign multinationals in their international development strategy and he operates as interim MD at foreign branches of Dutch multinationals. He is the founding partner of several international operating business concepts and has an extensive global network.

Rob examines MBA students graduating with internationally oriented theses and is author of Market Entry Strategy (2010), Kunst en Vliegwerk (2014), Doing Business in India (2016), The wheel of Value (2018) and Ondernemen in Spanje (2020). He has the Q-plus status of Business School Nederland International / The International Management Centres Association thanks to outstanding contributions to the development of the Action Learning Concept for management education. He has guided managers and entrepreneurs in their action learning process. Check www.linkedin.com/in/robvannes/ for client endorsements.

Danielle Brink
business development international

No matter whether you are interested to participate in an open program or want to in-company host an International Business Development Academy module or program in your own country, institute, organisation, university, business school or company, just contact Danielle Brink to discuss the opportunities and terms.
She is at your disposal via db@ibda.eu or +31654923933

Business Accelerators

Johan Koning MSc
Founding Partner

Johan Koning has a long history in helping companies to become more profitable, to be more market oriented or to grow (internationally). He has been working as sales/marketing manager and CEO for companies in all sizes and stages of development: for a multinationals like Canon and Royal Auping, but also for family owned startups .
For both consumer products as well as in business to business propositions.

All organisations he has been working for had in common that they already were selling an outstanding product, but having many important sales and marketing opportunities not being identified nor executed. The product is seldom the limiting factor, a new marketing and/or distribution strategy makes the difference.

Minke Vorstenbosch MA
Knowledge partner

Minke Vorstenbosch has over 20 year of international experience in the field of Trade Development, International Project Management. She has lived in Myanmar, Indonesia and Tanzania. She also has over ten year of experience on governmental level (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs & Justice), which makes her perfectly equipped to facilitate international Public-Private collaboration.

When living in Myanmar (2015-2016), she was one of the main advisors to the Myanmar government regarding their National Export Strategy. She provided masterclasses for economic diplomats and worked with different ministries, chambers of commerce, sector associations and the private sector on improving the trade enabling environment in Myanmar.

Minke is member of a number of advisory boards (IBR University of Groningen, Impact Terra) and a part-time lecturer in Cross Cultural Communications at TIO University of applied sciences in Utrecht. She is also co-author of the book ‘Enkeltje zijderoute’ (one way trip on the Silk road).

Rolf van Nauta Lemke MBA
Founding Partner

Rolf van Nauta Lemke is an international executive and hands-on entrepreneur focused on driving value creation for his clients. Rolf developed his experience in a wide range of executive roles in a large multinational company, where his focus was always on external value creation and realising this value in the company. 

Rolf became a successful entrepreneur - setting up several businesses all focusing on delivering profitable growth and international expansion. A significant amount of his time is dedicated to his highly successful M&A boutique advisory company. Having done business in over 50 countries and living in 7 of these, Rolf has a global international basis that enables his cross cultural negotiating skills.

He has broad business experience covering consumer retailing, trading, B2B (with partners he set up a B2B internet based business as early as 1996!), hospitality, manufacturing and highly technical processes. Rolf has significant experience and interest in developing and coaching people and previously lectured at various universities amongst which the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Rolf is a long-term advisor to a large international oil company and fulfils various managing and non-managing directorships.

Harry Starren MSC
Knowledge Partner & inspirator

Harry Starren is the former CEO of de Baak VNO-NCW, the premier leadership development institute in the Netherlands. During his 15-year tenure, the company acquired venues in The Hague, Driebergen and Antwerp while also establishing partnerships with renowned international partners. It was during this period that de Baak established its reputation as being a platform for innovation and its turnover increased from € 6 million to over € 35 million and more than doubled the number of de Baak employees.

Mr. Starren is a recognized expert on leadership and entrepreneurship and widely acclaimed as both a lecturer and facilitator. As such he works at building on his previous successes with merging innovation with entrepreneurship. Working out of offices in Amsterdam and Nice, he is currently focusing on social, economic and cultural enterprises with an orientation toward the European market.

His formal education includes History (University of Utrecht, BA), Political Science /Public Administration (University of Amsterdam, MA/drs) with postgraduate studies taken at Harvard and the University of Maryland. Harry is a life-long-learner who continues to renew his expertise in all four communication skills. He has anchored the educational television show, Grandmasters in Management and is the author of several books, including The 21 Commandments of Leadership, as well as numerous articles on the philosophy and praxis of leadership.

Harry Starren is an active member of a number of supervisory boards along with being an adviser on innovation to large European organisations.

Floris Jan Bovelander MSc
India specialist

For his project One Million Hockey Legs Floris has been crossing India over 25 times in the past few years. Being one of the most well know hockey players in the world, Olympic gold medal winner and former world champion, many doors in India automatically open for him. His extensive network includes Ministers and captains of industry, like the board of Tata. 

Floris understands how to do business in India and is therefore, and for his excellent network, a value adding partner for companies in their business development in India.

Niek Jansen van Rosendaal MSc MBA
Founding Partner

Niek Jansen van Rosendaal has a very broad experience in redefining company strategies and implementing new strategies. He has been involved in these processes being a CEO, as well as being CFO as well as in the role of external consultant. This way he has been responsable for turning loss making companies into profitable companies (Turnaround) and has been responsable for numerous changes in company strategy.

Niek also has a 3 years experience in teaching economics and finance. He is very well able to explain issues, bringing complicated matters back to their essentials.
He worked in all sort of companies, from multinationals like Heineken and Wavin, to small-sized start-ups and family enterprises, the business of these companies varying from consumer goods to furniture, from auditing to corporate finance, from security to leisure. He was (is) in the board of companies experiencing exceptional growth as well as in companies which needed being saved from bankruptcy. Niek has a vast international experience. He lived and worked in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway and Greece.
It is Niek’s philosophy that every management team which is willing to critically observe its own functioning, is capable to realise a vast improvement in profitability or even a turn-around (if needed). An open mind and not sticking too much to current practice are essential. Niek is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Spanish and speaks very well French and Italian.

Kees de Jong
Internationaal ondernemer en initiatiefnemer van NLgroei

Kees de Jong is ondernemer en mede-initiatiefnemer van nlgroeit. Hij heeft meerdere bedrijven in binnen en buitenland gestart en geleid. Inmiddels is hij investeerder, spreker, schrijver en vooral mentor van snelgroeiende ondernemers. Hij is mede-initiatiefnemer van nlgroeit en heeft een enorme passie om andere ondernemers te helpen groeien. Zijn boek- gebaseerd op zijn columns in het Financieel Dagblad- heet toepasselijk ‘Groter Groeien’.

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Carien van den Hoek
Business Development the Netherlands - Private sector

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Nazima Ramdin
Business Development the Netherlands - Public sector

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Adriana Fratila
Business Development Director Spain & Portugal

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Joan Listle
Business Development Director Asia

Joan has over 25 years of experience in business development, Event management, sponsorship sales and marketing across various industries including media, sports, hospitality and consulting. If you are based in Asia and are interested in participating in an open programme in the Netherlands or want to host an Executive Advanced Management Program on Global Entrepreneurship in your organisation or university, contact Joan to discuss the opportunities and terms.
Contact her at jl@ism.ac with preferred time options for a call.